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The Argennon Project

Argennon (the classical pronunciation should be used: /ɑrˈɡen.non/) is a next generation cloud based blockchain and smart contract platform. The Argennon blockchain uses a hybrid proof of stake (HPoS) consensus protocol, which is capable of combining the benefits of a centralized and a decentralized system. In Argennon, ledger storage and transaction processing are outsourced to the cloud and normal personal computers or smartphones, with limited hardware capabilities, are able to validate transactions and actively participate in the Argennon consensus protocol. This property makes Argennon a truly decentralized and democratic blockchain and one of the most secure existing platforms.

The Argennon cloud is trustless and publicly verifiable. Computational Integrity (CI) is achieved by using Succinct Argument of Knowledge systems (STARK/SNARK) and data integrity is guaranteed by cryptographic accumulators. At the same time, a smart clustering algorithm keeps the bandwidth usage and the overhead of cryptography manageable for validators.

The Argennon protocol strongly incentivizes the formation of a permission-less network of Publicly Verifiable Cloud (PVC) servers. A PVC server in Argennon, is a conventional data server which uses its computational and storage resources to help the Argennon network process transactions. This encourages the development of conventional networking, storage and compute hardware, which can benefit all areas of information technology. This contrasts with the approach of some older blockchains that incentivized the development of a totally useless technology of hash calculation.

Using Succinct Argument of Knowledge systems makes the main functionalities of an Argennon validator light enough to be implemented as a smart contract. By deploying a validator contract on another platform, Argennon could use more established blockchains as an extra layer of security. In addition, this contract will facilitate trustless bridging of assets to the Argennon blockchain. To reduce the execution fee, this validator contract can be used for validating only roll-ups of the state transition.

An initial draft of the Argennon white paper can be found here. In addition, this link provides a brief overview of the important properties of the Argennon platform.

Until the launch of the Argennon main-net, an ERC20 token and a governance system will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain in order to represent investors’ share in the project and give them the opportunity to determine the project’s path. After the launch of the Argennon blockchain, this token will be convertible in 1:1 ratio to the native currency of the Argennon blockchain.

The Argennon ERC20 Token

The Argennon token (ARG /ɑrɡ/) is an ERC20 token intended to represent an investor’s share in the Argennon project. After the launch of the Argennon blockchain, the ARG ERC20 token will be convertible in 1:1 ratio to the native currency of the Argennon blockchain. Meanwhile, the ARG ERC20 token will act as a governance token:


The Argennon Decentralized Autonomous Governance system (ADAGs /eɪ-dagz/) is a smart contract which is able to perform governance actions. These actions, for the ADAGs version, functioning on the Binance Smart Chain or the Ethereum network, include:

Token Sales

Several token sales may be held before the launch of the Argennon blockchain, all of them will follow a set of predefined rules:

*Actually even after this time interval, the ICO tokens are still redeemable. However, since the contract will allow the withdrawal of funds, the redemption price could be anything based on the amount of remaining funds.


The final total supply of the Argennon currency will be 100 billion which must be reached in 30 years. At max, half of this amount may be minted before the launch of the Argennon main-net. Consequently, The ARG ERC20 token will have a 50 billion cap. The other half, including 50 billion Argennons, will be minted only after the launch of the Argennon blockchain, and will be mainly used as incentive rewards.

The minting of the ARG ERC20 token and the ARG currency will follow these rules:

Therefore, the ARG token should not be minted in order to be sold on the market, to add liquidity to liquidity pools or to do any type of activities for price manipulation.

The minting of the ARG ERC20 token has to be limited by the maximum supply defined by the ARG ERC20 contract. This maximum allowed supply is a function of time. For the first year a maximum supply of 10 billion is allowed, and after that, the maximum allowed supply increases 5 billion per year linearly, until it could reach the 50 billion cap after nine years. It should be noted that this is a hard limit on the maximum supply of the ARG ERC20 token and the actual supply may be lower than this amount.

After the launch of the Argennon blockchain, all unminted ARG ERC20 tokens with respect to the 50 billion cap, will be considered as the reserve of the ADAGs counterpart on the Argennon blockchain.

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